Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sixth Woman Comes Forward: Herman Cain's Crew Denies He Heard RNC Blonde Bombshell Say "Herman, Call Me"

Cain camp immediately labels allegation a "high-tech media whitewashing."
"Herman Cain
never called her," a spokesperson said. "How could Herman Cain
call her when Herman Cain doesn't even remember this
person's name?
Herman Cain doesn't remember that she worked at the RNC. Herman Cain
even recognize her. But the bigger point here is that Herman Cain
never acted inappropriately
with anyone."

Latest Update:
Team Cain is now reporting they have uncovered a past campaign video
showing the RNC blonde bombshell actually saying "Harold, call me,"
and not "Herman, call me." You can view the video here...
by Judy Scooter