Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enmity for Al Gore

While congratulations certainly are in order for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their Super Tuesday achievements, nothing but sour grapes can be proffered to the esteemed Al Gore for his deafening silence of late and for his steadfast refusal to enter the political fray in service to his country. He remains by far the most qualified candidate of either party for the presidency, and yet he refuses to lift himself up, brush off the dust of his 2000 defeat and assume the role as a national and world leader.

Perhaps he is enjoying his celebrity status as an Academy Award and Nobel Prize winner. Perhaps he is enjoying the fat-cat status as a corporatist mogul. Or perhaps he is merely waiting to fulfill a subverted ambition to make it as a prime-time meteorologist on the Weather Channel.

Whatever his desires or ambitions may be, Mr Gore should know that in the end he has disappointed all those who had hoped and wished that when the time came he would step up and do what was best for his cause and his country. We went to see the movie--twice! We bought the DVD. We signed the Draft Gore petition. We bought the book. We were also foolish enough to think it would make a difference. But Al Gore will not be persuaded. And the souvenirs of his legacy now seem like just so much clutter for the trashman to come and take away.
--by Judy Scooter